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lunedì 3 aprile 2017

Version in interlingua

Quando io esseva un alumno in le schola o qualcunque altere typo de curso, il habeva un sentimento que io abominava plus que qualcunque altere, le sentir se perdite, non capace de comprehender nec le basic del discussion. Io esseva timide, alora domandar a amicos o, especialmente, al instructor essseva foras de question. In ultra, io sentiva como se mi mente functionava un poco differente del major parte de mi collegas. Io necessitava primo haber un impression initial large e plus o minus superficial de lo que esseva in discussion pro, solo postea, approfundar le pensamentos discusse.

Io discoperiva, in un phase posterior de mi vita, que io apprende multo melio si io me familiarisa con le subjecto interagente con articulos, libros, blogs, videos, etc.

Ora, como instructor, io pensa que il es mi deber nunquam facer que le studentes senti como si illes deberea saper qualcosa que illes non sape e de que io parla o que illes non deberea anque esser illac. Io primo tenta de causar les un profunde impression del subjecto que va esser inseniate, con lunge discussiones de lor experientias previe, dialogo active e con material facile e passive, como lecturas, videos o audio, preferibiilemente authentic. Assi illes pote sentir que lo que illes apprende es real e ha relation con qualcosa in le vita real e lor experientias passate.

English version

When I was a learner in school or any kind of course, there was a feeling that I abominated more than any other. It was the feeling of being lost, of not being capable of even getting the gist of what was being discussed. I was shy, so asking friends or especially the teacher to better explain was out of question. Also, I felt my mind worked a little bit differently than most of my colleagues. I had to first get a broad impression of what was being discussed and, only then, deepen the thoughts in discussion.

I found out later in life that I learn much better if I get familiar with the subject by means of interaction with articles, books, blogs, videos, etc.

Now, as a teacher, I think it is my duty never to make students feel like they should already know something that I am talking about or that they should even be there. I try to first cause them a deep impression on the subject being taught, with long discussions of their previous experiences, active dialogue and with easy, passive content like readings, videos or audio material, preferably authentic, so that they can feel that what they are learning is real and relates to something in real life and their past experiences. 

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